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There are a few different ways to buy into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC):

  1. Direct Purchase: This is the most common way to buy into DVC. Members purchase an “interest” in a DVC resort from Disney. The interest gives them the right to use a certain number of “points” per year to stay at that resort or any of the other DVC resorts. The number of points needed for a stay depends on the time of year, the size of the unit, and the resort.
  2. Resale Purchase: This is when someone who already owns an interest in DVC sells their interest to another person. The buyer takes over the seller’s contract and receives the same rights and benefits as a direct purchaser. Resale purchases can be a more affordable option, as the price is often lower than the current direct price from Disney. However, buyers should be aware that some resorts may have restrictions on resale purchases.
  3. Renting Points: Some DVC members choose to rent out their unused points to other people, either through Disney or through a third-party rental agency. This allows people to stay at a DVC resort without buying an interest. However, renting points can be more expensive than buying an interest, and renters do not receive the same benefits as DVC members.

How to determine what you need in points:

  1. Points Chart: DVC resorts are divided into two categories, Home and Non-Home resorts. Each resort has a point chart that determines how many points are required for a stay during different times of the year. This is important to consider when buying (or renting) DVC as it will determine how many points are required to book your stay.

It’s important to note that when you buy DVC, you’re buying a real estate interest and not a traditional timeshare. Your purchase is a deeded property, and you can use it, rent it, or sell it.

DVC members have the ability to use the points for their own use or bank and borrow points from future years, giving them flexibility and the ability to plan well in advance.

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