Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.)

Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) is an exciting and unique educational program offered by The Walt Disney Company. This program provides students with hands-on learning experiences that are designed to enhance their classroom curriculum and bring their studies to life.

One of the most popular experiences offered by Y.E.S. is the field trip to Disneyland and Disney World theme parks. These trips are designed to help students explore subjects such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a fun and interactive way. For example, students can learn about the principles of physics while riding on thrilling attractions like Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. They can also learn about the intricacies of engineering and design while taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the park’s attractions and shows.

In addition to the theme park experiences, Y.E.S. also offers behind-the-scenes tours of the Disney Studios. These tours give students the opportunity to learn about the history of Disney animation, see how movies and television shows are made, and even meet some of the people who work at the studio.

The program is available to schools and youth groups across the United States and is typically offered to students in grades K-12. The variety of experiences offered by Y.E.S. ensures that there is something for everyone and that students can learn about subjects that are meaningful and interesting to them.

The Disney Youth Education Series is a great opportunity for students to learn in an interactive and engaging way. It brings the classroom to life and helps students connect their studies to the real world. It’s an incredible opportunity to visit the magical place of Disney World and learn all the while. This program not only offers exciting experiences but also provides a valuable educational experience that students will remember for years to come.

By Kelli

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